Jazz & Pop Music Performance

The mission of the Jazz & Popular Music Performance program is to provide excellence in academic and professional career preparation for the challenges facing today's musician. Our mission is fulfilled by combining the study of jazz & popular music with strong emphasis on quality musicianship in solo, combo, and big band settings. Additionally, the program provides a supportive environment for the study of jazz & popular music. The jazz & pop education program at UPH represents the contexts and challenges encountered by contemporary musicians.


Students will be surrounded by environment that would enrich one to be the best that he or she can be. Our small classes will build strong relationship between student and teacher so we can keep our fully attention to all student's growth. There's going to be a lot practical class that will teach student how to play and perform in real situation, with guidance from our experienced instructor.



Piano, Voice, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Contrabass, Drums



  • Professional instrumental/vocal performing artist of international qualification
  • Music Producer, Music Director, Recording Artist
  • Music teacher for performing students of advanced level
  • Artistic director for high quality music festivals/organizations/music schools
  • Music Instrument product specialist/clinician



Head Program: Boby Augusputra Limijaya, S.Sn., B.Mus.


Piano Coordinator: Sri Hanuraga, M.Mus.

Faculty Members:

Julian Abraham Marantika, S.Sn.

Rio Moreno, S.S.

Roberto Joko, S.Kom.

Rahmadhani Syah, B.Mus.

Willy Haryadi, B.Mus.


Voice Coordinator: Josephine Polim, B.Mus., M.Mus.

Faculty Members:

Cassia Agatha, S.Sn.

Sarita Wurangian, B.Mus.

Mario Emmanuel Imanto, S.Sn.


Electric Guitar Coordinator: Dionisius Aria Janapria, B.Mus.

Faculty Members:

Debora Jemadu, S.Sn.

Gihon Yabessy Lohanda, S.Sn.

Johanes Radianto, M.Mus.

Robert B. Mulya Raharja, B.Mus.


Electric Bass/Contrabass Coordinator: Indrawan Tjhin, S.Kom., B.Mus., MM., E.M.B.A.

Faculty Members:

Fajar Adi Nugroho, S.Kom., M.M.

Jupiter Galileo Bangun, S.Sn.


Drums Coordinator: Dhany Yufisa, S.Sn., M.Pd.

Faculty Members:

Dimas Pradipta, S.Sn.

Elfa Zulham, B.Mus.

Handy Salim, S.Kom

Tobias Ringga Putra, S.Sn.