Music Composition & Film Scoring

A successful Music Composition student will be able to present original works that shows significant artistic growth in developing and realizing musical ideas using materials and techniques appropriate to the particular idioms or styles employed. The program is set to equip students with understanding of basic to advanced composition techniques for working with various acoustic and electronic mediums. During their study students will receive weekly guidance to be originally artistic, creative and innovative in musical outputs. They will find opportunity to present their musical ideas and their composition in an encouraging academic environment, opportunity to get their composition performed by our performing groups, opportunity to rehearse and lead ensembles performing students’ original works, opportunity to meet and interact with various inspiring artists and composers. With our composition program in UPH Conservatory of Music, our Music Composition major students are prepared to be leading composers in the country that will pave the way for stylistic progresses of Indonesia Modern Music.  




  • Independent artist-composer

  • Conducting orchestras and directing musical production

  • Composing soundtracks for films, games or TV Programs

  • Writing songs for commercials

  • Producing records




Coordinator: Renardi Effendi, S.Sn.


Faculty Members:

Antonius S. Priyanto, B.CM., M.Mus.

Dr. Johannes S. Nugroho

Dr. Otto Sidharta

Nathan P. Iskandar, S.Sn.

Haryadi Kusuma Priatna, B.Mus.

Bobby Limijaya, B.Mus.